Settling in

A key person approach

Settling our children into Pre School is of paramount importance to us. We encourage parents to visit with their child up to four times before they start. These visits allow the child to experience a morning or afternoon session with the security of having their parent/carer staying with them.

During these visits we encourage the children to go off and play, to explore their surroundings, meet the other children and interact with the team.  These sessions allow the child to become familiar with our setting and routines. This opportunity will also allow the child to begin to pick their Key Person, (who do they naturally gravitate to?) to allow the staff to chat with the child and their parent / carer so that key information can be shared to enable a smooth transition into Pre School.

The Key Person system is a fantastic supportive approach where each member of the team is responsible for a small number of children. This really helps children to settle in and ensures they have one to one time with a consistent person who really knows and understands them. However we are in a very fortunate postion that we operate a small and personal setting, so all children become equally familiar with all staff.  This means that If their key person is absent one day the children settle just as well.  The Key Person takes responsibility for observing, assessing and recording each child’s development which is regularly shared and discussed with the parents / carer. 

We pride ourselves in having a close and consistent team, ensuring that the children are supported by and form positive relationships with the whole team. 

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