A typical day

We begin our day at 9.00 with Circle Time where all our children join the teaching team on the mat and talk about the day ahead, going through the visual timetable and what’s on offer. 

With all areas of play available (including role play, small world, books, natural play, construction, craft and ICT) free play and adult led activities take place in the hall or in our outside area. Other specialized activities take place in our ‘Quiet Room’ such as computer work, board games and music.  The Pre Foundation / Reception children will have some one to one time with a member of the team to choose books to be shared at home.  When they are ready initial letters and sounds may be introduced.

At around 10.30 our children are invited to participate in snack time – helping themselves to fruit and drink.  Occasionally children take part in the preparation of the fruit or may butter their own toast or tea cakes. We also use this time to develop name recognition by asking all children to take their name from the board before they sit to have their snack.

The morning session finishes with a story at 11.50pm and those children not staying for Lunch Club are collected at 12.00. For those staying, our children and team sit together and chat until lunch is finished at about 12.40 when we either continue with the days play or on a 1.00pm finish day take part in some whole group activities.

On all days the children may have the opportunity to either play outside or take a walk around the village, visit the Foundation Class of the local primary school or walk to the church.

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